Try Jooki at Showstoppers - Berlin

MuuseLabs will be at Showstoppers on the 31st of august

Have you ever tried to share music with kids without handing over your phone or tablet? Want to try a Jooki and get more insights on how it works ? 

Meet us at Showstoppers on the 31st of august in Berlin. 

Music can be such a gift! With this in mind, MuuseLabs created Jooki: the first connected music player that is easy and fun to use. Place a figurine on top of Jooki, it works!

Jooki can directly stream music via WiFi from an internet radio station or from services such as Spotify or Deezer. To create a specific playlist i.e. travelling, dancing or bedtime, place a Jooki figurine on top of Jooki, use the Jooki app (mobile or web) to drag and drop files from an iTunes library or a cloud source and assign a playlist to the Jooki figurine.

To save parents from listening to the same tune for hours on end, Jooki also features a headphone jack, a Bluetooth connection for those modern headphones and has expandable storage to hold 1000+ songs for offline play. Take Jooki anywhere and listen to music from high-quality speakers at a sleepover party, on the way to school, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or even outside in the park. Jooki has 8 hours of battery time for those hours away from home and designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Jooki is sturdy and spill proof for active kids.

Nancy Diebkilé


About Jooki

About MuuseLabs

MuuseLabs, the Belgian startup behind Jooki, has been founded in October 2014 by three geek dads, formerly with Google, Huawei and Barco. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, MuuseLabs has been awarded Best in Family Tech at CES 2017. Funded by ST’ART invest, CoFoundry, Brustart, the company is also advised by Alan Munn – former SVP, Hasbro and former CEO, Tomy Europe & Michel Tombroff – former CEO of SoftKinetic.
With their mix of technology and design skills and their love for music and kids, the 3 co-founders of MuuseLabs aim to radically improve the music experience of kids in the 21st century.